Saturday, May 14, 2011

Serbs are womanizers-true or false?

Funnily enough, there is still an on-going stereotype describing Serbian men as womanizers. Well, if truth be told, that’s the way things sometimes look like in that respect. Certainly, there really is something about mentality and upbringing of some Serbian men that makes them cheat on their girlfriends or wives. However, one should be careful about this, since adultery has always been omnipresent phenomenon, especially nowadays in the 21st century, in the era of mass communications and standards imposed by the world of show business. That is to say that adultery exists everywhere, in every culture, and that not all Serbian men are womanizers, of course.
First of all, I’d like to make a sort of paradigm. On several occasions and for various reasons I heard plenty of female arguments about division of men of different nationalities into “faithful” and “unfaithful” ones. According to their beliefs, some nations have “a tendency to encourage cheating on one’s girlfriends and immoral behaviour in relationships”, while other nations “are exemplary ones, because they have strong moral values, which help their men stay true to their girlfriends/wives”. Most of debaters, of course, placed Serbs into the “unfaithful” category; and, on top of that, their experience usually boiled down to one or two men! How strange point of view – one or two Serbs are unfaithful, therefore all of them are unfaithful as well. Some kept repeating it like a mantra. Frankly, it is an exaggeration. Generally speaking, Serbian people (of both sexes, but men in particular) are very competitive and eager to prove themselves in anything; the same goes for relationships with opposite sex. In that respect, there are Serbian men who will commit adultery in order to prove something to their friends, or for some other reasons. One should know that, in a way, Ottoman rule in Serbia left its trace, bearing in mind Muslim customs in terms of women and relationships. Nonetheless, it is just one part of the whole picture. In practice, many Serbs are loyal, caring and devoted boyfriends and husbands, ready to do anything to make their partners happy. Besides, they make excellent fathers, fully committed to their children.
At the end of the day, what makes someone womanizer doesn’t account for his nationality. It is usually socio-cultural factors, family background and individual sets of values that contribute to somebody’s preferences regarding love life. Additionally, it is important to remember that one swallow doesn’t make a summer, which goes for every situation in our lives.

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